As a sponsor what is expected from me?

As sponsor of the webinar, you will provide Post with the topic; provide a speaker form your company and also a client speaker to act as a case study.

What will Post do for us?

The Post Events team will organise the event from start to finish. This will include:

  • setting the agenda
  • a senior journalist will chair the debate
  • delivering a co-branded marketing campaign to our database of over 70,000 insurance professionals
  • sourcing and inviting speakers
  • offering full media support on the day

Where will the Webinar take place?

Post is owned by the award-winning Incisive Media; based in the media hub of Soho we have two fully equipped studios.

How will I see a measurable ROI?

All delegates have to register to watch the event, whether they view the event live or on-demand. This information is passed onto you, exclusively as the sponsor.

Who normally attends Post Webinars?

Dependent on the topic, we will target the marketing campaign to attract the right delegates.

How long does a webinar last?

We would recommend 40 to 60 minutes.